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Joining a sorority in college is a life-changing experience, but garnering an education is the top priority for Kappa. This is why each chapter is expected to maintain academic standards equal to or higher than their university’s or college’s all-sorority GPA. We don’t ask individual members to maintain a certain GPA due to the variances in course loads, but each member is expected to contribute to the overall GPA of the chapter.

If a Kappa struggles academically, we help her through it. The Academic Excellence Committee meets with her to craft an improvement plan using study tactics and time management. We want each sister to leave college with what they came for: a degree.

The lovely ladies of Gamma Kappa are a hardworking bunch! We can be found everywhere on campus, involved in numerous organizations and having tons of fun. However, we are students, and that makes academics our priority. The fields we intend to major in range from kinesiology to history, from marketing to marine science, and no matter which classes we take, we strive to stand out.

Our Chapter’s average GPA is 3.476, exceeding the All-Sorority Average of 3.39. Last semester, we had the highest average GPA among all sororities, 2nd highest average GPA of the 31 Greek organizations at W&M, and many women made Dean’s List, which requires a GPA of 3.6 or above.

We also have a range of academic events that promote scholarship and congratulate our members for working hard and aiming high! We have:

  1. Dean’s List Desserts: Members of the Chapter who make Dean’s List are invited to a small celebration to commend their academic achievements
  2. Swem Snacks: The VPAE and her committee provide snacks at Swem Library twice a semester, typically during mid-terms and finals, as a study break
  3. Sweet Tea with KKG: Women invite their favorite professors over to the KKG chapter house for an afternoon of tea, desserts, and mingling — it’s a great opportunity for younger members of the chapter to meet new professors and network
  4. Smarty Panties: Women participate in a weekly academic challenge, from attending office hours to getting an A on an assignment to studying more than 15 hours a week — winners are chosen at random at our weekly meeting
  5. Scholarship Pearls are awarded to women who earn a 3.85 or above for the semester
  6. Academic Excellence Month: February is KKG’s Month of Academic Excellence wherein weekly contests for study hours and raffle opportunities for good grades exist